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Digital audio is different than radio.
So we treat it differently.

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Digital audio allows you to connect to a growing number of listeners on a growing number of devices. You can target better, personalize easier and optimize faster. And that means there’s never been a better time to be a marketer investing in audio.

Dynamic Audio

One size doesn’t fit all. And with dynamic audio, it doesn’t have to. We customize ads automatically and in real time according to a listener’s gender, age, location, music preference, and more.

Advance Auto

Hear how Dynamic works by selecting the personalized options here.


Offers can be personalized with tremendous utility based on factors such as weather.

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Dynamic provides a 240%
boost in conversions, a 52%
lift in recall and a 49%
increase in engagement.

Cloning of Host-Read Podcast Ads

Yep, you read that right. By combining the proven strategies of host-read podcast ads and contextual audio advertising, we're able to engage listeners in a much more personal way than ever before. The capability has been around for awhile, but only Price Brothers' approach has utilized the tech in a way that will change podcast advertising forever. Hear for yourself here.


Over 160 million people listen to podcasts, investing 30-60 minutes per episode with their favorite shows. Podcasts are magnets for ears and a powerful vehicle for brands to reach and engage with an audience. There is no platform like them and no better way to build a loyal following. Price Brothers can create the big idea for your branded podcast, a show that’s true to your brand and its voice.

Pod Spotter

There are now over 1,000,000 podcasts in circulation. Which means it's getting harder and harder to find the ones worth listening to. And that's where Pod Spotter comes in. It's a podcast about podcasts. A podcast podcast, if you will.

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Spotlight Effect

The Spotlight Effect is a podcast that explores the phenomenon of people that have had a brief brush with worldwide or national fame. It's hosted by actor and writer, Jim Conroy. In each episode, we explore how that fame has had an impact on our guest, Jim, and the audience

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Digital audio can be incredibly hard working if you recognize its distinct superpowers. Make the moment count.


Marketing is no longer a one-way conversation. The growth of voice-controlled devices now allows you to create messages with embedded prompts for your audience. By doing this, your message can adapt based on your audience’s wishes. Listening is a powerful tool. 40% of people who hear an interactive ad respond.


Engagement is key, because it's not enough to merely solicit a 'yes' or 'no' from listeners. We give them the chance to participate.


Being relevant is the best way to hold a listener's interest. After all - who among us can't relate to this experience?


Interactive offers great utility. What better platform to conduct surveys and harvest data, all in real time?

Liberty Mutual

As listeners engage, we can automatically open a web page or download an app on their device.


Here's a sample ad where listeners can literally play along. With Interactive, we can even set an automatic tune-in reminder.

Sonic Branding

What does your brand sound like? In an increasingly audio-first world, brands must connect with audiences in new ways. Price Brothers designs sonic strategies to bring your brand and products to life.

Ads that use music
aligned with the brand
are 96% more likely to
be remembered by the

Short Form

Got a second? Good. Varying ad lengths can increase effectiveness. Short form ads play a crucial role in piquing interest, especially when paired with 30-second ads to drive conversions.

Digital audio is about audience reach and scale, but more importantly, it creates personal and meaningful moments based on its ability to resonate emotionally and impact long-term memory."

What's Next

Some believe that Contextual Audio Ads are the future of audio advertising. And so it’s immensely exciting to already be there today.

By cloning an actor’s or podcast host’s voice, we're generating an infinite number of ads that capture a listener's attention by speaking directly to their context. This level of personalization significantly impacts engagement, ROI, and customer connections for brands.

A natural extension of host-read ad cloning might-well be that of incorporating AI in a way that informs script-writing in a useful way, which keeps redundancy to a minimum.  

And while there may not be a great demand for interactive audio advertising yet in the U.S., it's only a matter of time before opportunity will soon be knocking in the space. There are just too many devices and natural interaction now for the strategy not to totally transform how brands interact with audio listeners.

Stay tuned.  Audio advertising is evolving every day.