Price Brothers Launches Branded Podcasts Services

  • July 29, 2022

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Digital Audio Company to Focus on Content

PHILADELPHIA. Digital audio boutique, Price Brothers, has announced the launch of its latest initiative, branded podcasting. Price Brothers was launched in 2021 as an off-shoot to sister company Oink Ink Radio, the venerable audio creative shop, to focus on emerging technologies in the digital audio space. The move comes on the heels of the wrapping of Season 1 of Price Brothers’ award-winning, original podcast, The Pod Spotter.

While a branded podcast shares many of the same qualities as a traditional pod, the content of branded podcasts align with a brand's mission. It’s a form of outreach that allows audiences to connect with companies and businesses in a more authentic and intimate way.

After collaborating with a brand, Price Brothers Branded Podcast service deploys its team of creatives to conceive of and present concepts for original branded podcast content.  The process is creative directed by co founders and brothers Jim and Dan Price and yields a shortlist of proposed ideas. Once a brand selects the winning concept it is developed further, and a pilot episode is produced. As part of its offering, Price Brothers will produce the ensuing episodes or provide resources and share “Best Practices” for those brands wishing to continue on their own.  

The brothers recognized that today's recently established demand for branded podcasts created an opportunity unique to them. Says Dan Price, “When we looked around at the firms currently creating branded content, they mostly all came from a podcasting background. None had the marketing or advertising pedigree we have. To us it’s not enough to produce a show, you need to connect, engage, and inspire listeners to take an action.  And so first and foremost: the show’s gotta be great.”   

The brothers Price, recognized for decades for their traditional audio creative, added podcasting to Price Brothers’ battery of digital strategies with the creation and development of The Pod Spotter. In 2021, the podcast was honored by the Webby Awards and the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

The experience of building a successful podcast from the ground up, coupled with their unique advertising pedigree, inspired the brothers to add branded podcasting to their digital arsenal.

“For us the draw to branded podcasting was the incredible engagement value of podcasts,” says Jim Price.  “The digital space affords us a new platform for the creative audio storytelling we’re known for.”  Under the Oink Ink moniker, brothers Dan and Jim Price have won hundreds of awards for their audio ads, including at Cannes, One Show and just thismonth at the Radio Mercury Awards for their work with long-time client, Staples.

Oink Ink’s client list reads like a Fortune 500 directory.  Over the last 30 years the shop has created and produced work for AT&T, IBM, Pepsi, Google, Chevy, NBC and Miller Lite, to name a few.

Price Brothers was established to pursue creative executions in the new audio landscape, and in its first year created high-profile dynamic audio campaigns, and was named creative partner to Instreamatic, the leader in interactive audio.  

Over 160 million people listen to podcasts and, according to Spotify Advertising, 80% of those who download podcasts listen to the episode all the way through. Podcasts are a powerful vehicle for brands to reach and engage with their audience. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media. 

According to Jim Price, the approach to identifying ‘big ideas’ for podcasts is similar to the one used for the brother’s award-winning audio advertising ‘exploratories.’  “It’s a sure-fire approach to landing on something great.  When you engage talented people and give them room to explore – it’s a can’t-miss, it really is.”

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