How we think

Before you create personalized ads,
it helps to have a personalized strategy.

The Right Way
to Digital

Digital audio creates an opportunity to broaden your reach while honing in on your target. But the secret to navigating this new world of audio is to make sure you’re delivering the right message to the right listener at exactly the right time.

And, of course, working with the right people. (Ahem, that’s us.)

Of the nearly 3 hours per day the average US adult spends on mobile app activities this year, audio accounts for the greatest portion: 53 minutes.

Failing to plan is
planning to fail.

The first thing we do is assess your brand’s goals. We discuss plans with you and make recommendations. Then we engage the right audio platforms & partners to help you map out the perfect approach to achieve your objectives.

Connecting you to success.

We don’t do it all. But we know all the people that can help. Our strength is not creating technological innovations in Silicon Valley. It’s taking those innovations and figuring out the best, most creative way to use them for your brand’s advertising.

Audio Ads are more than 2x as likely to lift purchase intent and information intent than display ads.

Tech forward.
Creative first.

At Price Bros, we have the most talented creatives in the audio industry. We have a proven track record of award-winning audio to elevate both a brand’s profile and most importantly, its sales. That makes us uniquely suited to deliver on the power of digital audio.